Intangible Skills of the Successful PR Pro

We spend a lot of time in our classes learning about the tangible skills we will need as professionals. However, there are some important skills we may not learn in the classroom. An article on e-releases discusses five intangible PR skills needed by PR professionals. The five are as follows:

  1. Curiosity: PR pros who think outside the box and try new things often find great results.
  2. Storytelling Ability: PR pros must be able to identify worthy stories and captivate their audiences with them.
  3. The Gift of Gab: PR pros should be confident and precise in their speech.
  4. Personal Networking: PR pros interact with many people, and should always be professional and positive in doing so. Showing an interest in meeting and helping others will encourage others to do the same for you.
  5. Business Sense: PR pros need to understand what is best for their company or client and act on it.

Do you agree that these intangible skills are important to PR professionals? Are there any others that should have made the list?

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