The Power of Student Organizations

As a member of six different student organizations, I am definitely an advocate for getting involved on campus outside of class. Student organizations are not only a way to get to know your peers with similar interests, they often provide professional development opportunities, connect you with leaders in the field you’re interested in, and can be a resume booster if used in the correct way.

PRowl Public Relations just finished compiling a database of all student organizations at Temple University, complete with type of student organization, number of members, and contact information for organization leaders. Especially when targeting students in our campaigns, student organizations are a powerful way to connect with campus opinion leaders. Temple University has a total undergraduate enrollment of approximately 27,000; of those 27,000 students, more than 15,000 of them are involved in a student organization.

From doing this research personally, I can tell you that there is a student organization for almost any interest you may have. There are more than 320 political/advocacy, recreation/leisure, arts & entertainment, professional, academic department, media/publication, Greek and service organizations at Temple University to choose from. If you’re a Temple student, I encourage you to go to, sign-in with your student information (your TUA and PW), and explore the different opportunities to get involved. If you’re not a Temple University student, contact your Student Activities office and ask for more information about organizations at your university.

Whether you’re targeting students in a campaign or are a student trying to differentiate yourself and meet your peers, student organizations should be a critical component of your professional or personal plan.

If interested in public relations, make sure to check out your university’s Public Relations Student Society of America!

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