Michael Vick’s Endorsement Redemption

NFL quarterback Michael Vick once endorsed big name products such as Nike and Coca-Cola. After his arrest in 2007 for his involvement in dog fighting, he lost all endorsements. A few weeks ago, Vick appeared in an advertisement for the first time since his arrest and his return to the field as the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback.

Vick’s first new client is Woodbury Nissan, a New Jersey car dealership. While certainly a lot smaller scale than his former clients, it’s a start. The dealership’s executive manager said the response from their customer base has been mostly positive, but still negative from animal activists.

Vick’s recent performances on the football field and seemingly good behavior off the football field have helped improve his image with many people. However, many people still feel that his involvement in dog fighting is unforgivable and should not be overlooked.

The ice is now broken for Vick to begin endorsing products again. It is likely that more companies will now begin considering Vick for marketing deals. Do you think Vick has redeemed himself enough with the public to begin representing brands again or will his past have a negative impact on the brands’ images?

To read more about Vick’s endorsement deal, check out the article on Philly.com.

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