Thrash is Free!

The NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers, in hopes of drawing more attention to their team’s recent success, launched an over-the-top campaign to boost ticket sales. The team’s mascot, Thrash (after Georgia’s state bird “Thrasher”) stole a Zamboni, drove it along the Georgia interstate, was arrested for doing so and thrown in jail. His bail was put at 5,000 tickets being sold to upcoming Thrasher games.

The public relations stunt involved promotions on the team’s website, which included news videos and updates on Thrash’s fate. The stunt was also publicized on the team’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Thrash was behind bars for four days, from Dec. 15 to Dec. 18, until Thrasher fans came through and purchased the court-mandated 5,000 tickets necessary to free him from jail.

I thought this was a fun and creative publicity stunt to get Thrasher fans excited about their team and increase ticket sales. What did you think of it?

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Trish Wyatt.

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