Event Planning in the Virtual World

In the field of PR, the Internet has not only changed the way professionals distribute messages, but also how they garner attention. The entertainment industry is one in which professionals continually utilize the Internet to better their image. One of the earliest and best examples of this operation was a unique event thrown by United Kingdom musician Sandi Thom.

In 2005, Thom was a little known musician on a small record label. She did not have the money to afford touring, nor did she have reliable transportation. In her quest to reach her fans, she developed a plan that would require little money.

Thom developed an idea to webcast live performances from her apartment to a worldwide audience. Using the internet, she broadcasted twenty-one different shows without ever leaving her home.

The beauty of the project was that it was a series of low budget events that garnered immense media exposure. During these performances, Thom’s PR manager was able to gain massive attention for her. British publications such as The Sunday Times and BBC News ran the story about Thom’s webcast tour. They considered the idea a revolution in the music world.

Using almost no money, Thom was able to gain a significant amount of publicity. Some of the attention Thom received was from record labels themselves, including a £1 million deal with Sony Records.

As PR professionals, we can learn from Thom’s experience. This event proved that the internet can be a creative resource for the world of PR. Many PR professionals are still relying on traditional methods, such as event planning in the physical world. Instead, those in the field should be looking to the future and thinking about event planning in the virtual world. The Internet has and will continue to alter the way we distribute information and gain attention. At some point, it will no longer be a resource but rather a necessity.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Nick Stackhouse.

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