Pick Up A PR Book for the Holidays

Now that finals are almost over, you can actually think about things to do over the holidays. I know the only chance I get to read something that isn’t a textbook is over winter break. If you have the time, pick up a public relations book or two to add into your other holiday reading. Here are a few suggestions for books to read over the holidays or to add to your collection that I am thinking of picking up.

1. “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” by David Meerman Scott:
This book breaks down how to effectively communicate with audiences through the web. It doesn’t just discuss social media, but also websites, blogs and online videos.
2. “Chase’s Calendar of Events 2010”
Do you want to know when National Letter Writing Month or National Hot Dog Day is? Pick up a copy of Chase’s Calendar of Events this Christmas for your library.
3. “Public Relations for Dummies”
You never know what you might learn in the book that breaks down public relations into simple terms that even a beginner can understand.
4. “Publicity & Media Relations Checklists” by David Yale
Checklists are an easy tool to make sure you have covered everything when you are pitching the media. Buy this book and keep it by your side to make sure you did everything on these 59 helpful checklists.
Do you have any books you are thinking of picking up for the holidays?

1 thought on “Pick Up A PR Book for the Holidays

  1. Thanks Evan! Happy holidays to you.

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