Zuckerberg’s 60 Minutes Interview

Mark Zuckerberg has not been known for his public relations skills. He has been shown as awkward and sweating under pressure during interviews. The Social Network portrays him as cold and power hungry. However, his 60 Minutes interview on Sunday night may have given his image a boost.

Zuckerberg appeared calm and collected during the interview. He answered questions about Facebook privacy issues and competition with Google. He even approached questions about The Social Network with some humor.

It’s no coincidence that this interview accompanied the release of Facebook’s new design. A team of experts worked to perfect the Facebook layout with this new design. Perhaps Zuckerberg also had some help from experts to improve his interview presence. A blog from Forbes.com describes the interview as the “Best Piece of Facebook PR Yet.”

What did you think of Zuckerberg’s interview? Did it help improve his image? Click here to watch it.

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