Track Your Twitter Traffic!

Rumors have been buzzing around the social media world for quite some time, but wait no longer: Twitter Analytics has been released! Twitter started out as a network where friends could share thoughts, finds and current events, but it has blossomed into a thriving communication medium and has created revenue, customers and buzz across the world.

Now, not only can you tweet and re-tweet vital information, but you can also see how far your messages are spreading. With the new Twitter Analytics, you can identify which of your tweets have been successful and widespread and identify who within your network are the most active users. You can see who is un-following you and from what tweets, and keep track of which users are re-tweeting or reading your tweets the most. This vital information can help social media enthusiasts improve their tweeting in a short and long-term sense.

In an article from Mashable, you can see an example of how some of the information from the blog is analyzed, charted and recorded. On the actual website it is explained that “More Exposure = More Followers.” If Twitter users are able to understand how their feeds are working, they can strategize on how to capitalize and grow in the future.

Whether you are a casual Twitter user, a social media enthusiast, or a marketer using Twitter to increase your publicity, find out just how successful your Tweets can be with Twitter Analytics.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Meagan Prescott.

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