Creating a logo

Many of us take for granted the logos we see and recognize every day. What makes those logos significant? What are the characteristics of a good logo?

At PRowl Public Relations, we have been asked to design a logo for one of our clients. Although we are working on some good concepts, this task has proven more challenging than first expected. offers some great tips to consider when developing a logo:

  1. Your logo should be versatile; it should lend itself well to a wide variety of media
  2. Your logo should be easy for anyone to understand and recognize. This also involves considerations of color and shape.
  3. Your logo should tell “‘why? who?, what?'” As the creator, you must consider the purpose and target of the logo.
  4. Your logo should be timeless; avoid trendy, time-specific logos.
  5. You should design a logo that can be changed to black and white
  6. Create a logo that is “impressive and seductive.” A company’s logo is the first step to telling consumers what sets the company apart from its competitors. In this way, the site says, “[h]aving an impressive and seductive logo brings you closer to potential clients.”
  7. Keep the logo simple

What have your experiences been with creating logos? What advice do you have?

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