Worst-Case Scenario

As many of you are aware, following an engine compartment fire, the Carnival Cruise Lines “Splendor” ship was disabled at sea last week–one day into its seven-day journey. Thanks to support from two tug boats, the ship arrived in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Luckily, while stranded on the ship, passengers “reported long lines for food and a feeling of boredom and frustration but no major problems,” a Los Angeles Times article said. At the same time, passengers “signed up for a great cruise vacation, and that’s obviously not what happened,” acknowledged Carnival Chief Executive Gerry Cahill.

To alleviate the situation, the company worked to arrange hotel accommodations and travel arrangements for the passengers as they returned from the cruise ship. Despite the safe outcome of this potentially disastrous problem, Carnival is in need of some serious PR help. Now that the passengers have been returned safely to land, what steps can Carnival take to restore public confidence in their company? What would you do if in their position?

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