Don’t underestimate the power of paper

“The digital revolution has swept away many tree-based products, but the lowly business card, against all odds, is thriving,” Michael Rosenwald asserted in a recent article for the Washington Post.


In his article, Rosenwald seeks answers to this question. For one thing, “‘there is something incredibly genius about the business card performing a single function very well,'” one person explains in the article, “‘it works right every time.'”

While many alternatives to business cards exist, like Facebook, LinkedIn, and various apps for smart phones, it seems these programs are “‘trying to solve a problem that nobody wants solved.'” Rosenwald explains that, even in today’s digital age, there is something uniquely “intimate” in a physical business card. They’re also “as speedy as their digital competitors,” and their printed nature allows for the formation of mental impressions; they can convey personality, and can also function as conversation starter, which, in turn, helps make introductions more memorable.

Today, people are coming up with more uses for business cards, including fishbowl drawings and even business cards designed for dating situations!

Moral of the story? Even though our society continues to emphasize digital communications, business cards are still–and will continue to be–important. If you’re serious about getting ahead, make sure you have some!

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