Starbucks "Gold Card" Loyalty Program

Companies are always trying to attract new customers, but marketers should know that it is also essential to retain existing ones. Not only is it important, but it is often easier and less expensive. One effective way to keep patrons coming back is through a loyalty program.

With the “My Starbucks Rewards” program, all you have to do is purchase a drink card that works similar to a debit card. Once your card is purchased and you have loaded money into your account, use the card every time you purchase a drink from the coffee house. With each purchase you are given one “star.” There are several level of rewards based on the number of stars you are given, but the highest level is Gold.

As an avid latte drinker I have been anxiously awaiting my Starbucks Gold card engraved with my name for months. The thought of it practically motivated me to drink more and more caffeine even when I got enough sleep the night before (way to go, Starbucks).

Just this week, it finally arrived!

The first thing I noticed was the single postage stamp that appeared to be put on by an actual human. Call me crazy, but getting a personally stamped letter from Starbucks was enough to make me rip open the envelope anxiously before I could even get to my apartment.

“Dear Jaime…Welcome to the Gold Level of My Starbucks Rewards. You’ve earned it…”
Some of the benefits: A free drink “just for being Gold,” a free drink on my birthday, two continuous hours of Wi-Fi daily, free refills on brewed coffee and tea, free flavored syrups, free soymilk, exclusive coupons, and more.
Not only does my name on the card make me feel special, it will also allow the Starbucks employees to greet me by name and help foster a more friendly environment. Although I don’t get a free pass to the front of the always-long line, at least I will get a warm greeting and hot latte, a great way to start my day.
In this case, the Rewards program has not only kept me as a loyal customer, but has inspired me to write this blog and promote Starbucks through word-of-mouth.
Is anyone else in a loyalty program? If so, what are some of the benefits that keep you coming back and did the program prompt you to tell others?

1 thought on “Starbucks "Gold Card" Loyalty Program

  1. Like you I was very excited to get my new Gold Card last year. I gave up on it as I never got a discount or any items that was listed as a reward. It's a waste. Time and money is not being considered by the barristers in NY or MA who say that the discount is done automatically. Good riddance Starbucks…good bye

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