Content Curation

Public relations is not just about maintaining social media sites and obtaining coverage in the media. As you know, information is exploding in our society. It may be easier to find more information, but it may also be harder to find exactly what you are looking for. What is accurate and what isn’t? Many firms and agencies are utilizing “content curation” to deal with this issue.

What is content curation? According to an article on, curation is the new creation. Curation is sifting through the countless information already available to us and providing users and audiences with what is beneficial to them. Don’t know how to do this? Don’t worry. has provided four tips on how to curate content.
1- Lists: Create a list of the top pieces of information regarding your topic. Are you looking for the best marketing blogs to read? Junta42 has curated the top five content marketing blogs for your convenience.
2- Microsites: A curated microsite brings information from multiple sources to one website concerning a specific topic. Read the article here for examples.
3- E-newsletter: Perhaps you are not interested in creating your own content. Curate information regarding your topic of interest into an e-newsletter available for your audiences. Choose the best of industry news each week into a comprehensive newsletter to be sent out over email.
4- Twitter feed: Select your favorite, best written, most comprehensive, etc. articles written. Tweet links to them for your follows to get the best information possible. Junta42 has created a Twitter profile in order to tweet about the best content marketing articles each day.
I realize that I have already been using curation. I reference or retweet my favorite articles on Twitter. I keep a blog where I discuss not only my personal experiences in public relations, but discuss industry news that is the most interesting to me. Have you been curating all along? What are some great examples of content curation that you have seen?

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