Twitter Analytics

There has been discussion in the communications industry about measuring the effects of social media. Does utilizing social media sites like Twitter and Facebook affect the bottom line of an organization? Multiple articles have focused on methods of measuring whether or not using social media is effective for a business.

Twitter may have an answer. An article on Mashable disclosed that Twitter will be releasing a real-time analytics function towards the end of the year. According to the article, the analytics dashboard will show which tweets are spreading and what users the organization interacts with the most.
You might expect Twitter to charge for this tool, but you would be wrong. The social media giant will not be attaching a fee for the analytics application. However, the company may decide to offer an advanced version for businesses in the future for a cost.
As an individual Twitter user and a public relations enthusiast, I am more than excited for the release of this application. I will be able to see who I interact with through the social media site. I will know who I can improve my relationship with in the future and who I network with frequently. Which of my tweets are the most read? Well, the Twitter analytics dashboard will tell me!
Read the full article here.
What are your thoughts about the release of this real-time analytics function?

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