A Glowing Review of PR and Some Fabulous Firms

The New York Times recently published an article that caught my attention, and might have caught yours as well: “Growing Appreciation for P.R. on Madison Avenue.” Finally! In the article, author Stuart Elliott details the recent acquisitions by MDC Partners, a self-proclaimed “progressive marketing and communications network.” It may be self-proclaimed, but after doing some reseach, they can proudly use “progressive” as a descriptor. To start, check out MDC’s website, www.mdc-partners.com.

Many of the firms that have recently been acquired by MDC specialize in nontraditional public relations or advertising tasks, utilizing social media, database marketing, experiential marketing and analytics, and more. It was nice to read about the growing respect for the work PR agencies do and their ability to “amplify a brand’s message.” Miles S. Nadal, chairman and chief executive at MDC is quoted as saying PR agencies excel in “understanding the changing dynamics of the marketing place.” No more “spin” and “flack” references please.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the impact and importance of PR, I was a little caught up googling every firm name that was dropped in the article. Maybe you will be too! Here is a short list of firms owned by MDC and referenced in the article (to view the full list visit MDC’s website):

Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners: www.kbsp.com
Crispin Porter & Bogusky: www.cpbgroup.com
Kwittken & Company: www.kwitco.com
Allison & Partners: www.allisonpr.com
Trendcore: www.trendcore.com
Sloane & Company: www.sloanepr.com


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