Internal Twitter

One company in Seoul recently harnessed the power of Twitter to facilitate its internal communications. Instead of using the public domain of Twitter for its messages, though, the company adapted the Twitter concept to create an internal Twitter-like network it has named BizTweet. Thanks to the network, employees can reach out to one another for information, or even to seek partners for lunch.

They’re not alone. “Companies are using [the Twitter phenomenon] for internal communication and other purposes beyond the external marketing for which it has become well-known,” said Evan Ramstad in an article for the Wall Street Journal.

“Twitter’s creators laid the foundation for such development,” Ramstad said, “by using open-source software to make the system and releasing features they’ve developed in a public form called an application programming interface, or API” he said.

Do you see “the Twitter phenomenon” as a useful tool for organizations? What uses could you find for an internal Twitter-like network in your workplace?

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