Be Ready For Anything

As an entry level employee, I’m quickly learning how to be ready for anything. This sounds much more exciting than it really is, so let me explain.

As an entry level employee at my company, I don’t work on a specific account or only on one manager’s projects. Each day I work with different managers, different departments and different clients. This has allowed me to learn a great deal of information very quickly, which I love. However, it also means that I always need to keep an open mind and look at every project differently.

It’s really hard to be ready for something unexpected or out of the ordinary. Here’s what I do to try not to get frazzled when someone unexpected comes up.

  • Try to read information about my organization and members each day. By staying up to date on organization news I feel better talking in meetings.
  • Make an effort to remember other employee’s names. I always get embarrassed when I can’t remember someone’s name!
  • Try my hardest to make things I write perfect the first time. When I try to make something perfect the first time (instead of writing what I think is right then having to edit more later) I save time on edits later.
  • Keep a pair of black heels under my desk. In the summer we are allowed to wear sandals that aren’t flip flops. By keeping a pair of black heels under my desk I can change out of sandals and into heels before a last minute meeting!

Entry level employees have to deal with so many new things. Is there anything special you’re doing at your first job or internship?

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