Rebirth of the Passenger Rail in the U.S.

The Obama Administration is pursuing a high speed rail in the U. S. so that Americans can ride sleek 220 mph bullet trains, like the ones already popular in Europe and Asia. The Administration wants to improve Amtrak trains as well so that they too will move faster. The new network will cost billions, meaning it may take a good public relations campaign to gain the support of our car-crazed nation.

Realizing how accustomed Americans are to their vehicles, the Obama Administration hopes a new network of faster trains will create attractive alternatives to long drives and short flights, which would also relieve road and air congestion. In an effort to further persuade the public, the Obama Administration has pointed out numerous other benefits that will stem from a new and improved rail system including saving gas, reducing carbon emissions, not having to find parking, no traffic, no long lines and security hassles, and the chance to relax and enjoy the ride. A new network of trains would create jobs, jump start a new domestic manufacturing industry, and keep our railroads up to speed with Europe and Asia, who currently have the fastest trains.

America’s rails have been in need of repair and renovation for a while, as the focus has primarily been on aviation and highways. Do you think a good public relations campaign can convince Americans to embrace the shift from cars to trains?

This guest blog was written by staff member Trish Wyatt.

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