Shark Week: The Ultimate PR Campaign for Sharks

This week is the 23rd annual Shark Week and people all over the world are celebrating by tuning into the Discovery Channel for a myriad of television specials highlighting the sheer awe that is demanded by one of our world’s most powerful and feared creatures.

Although many tune in for blood and gore, Shark Week’s main focus has always been to educate the population about sharks in an incredible attempt to save them from their impending extinction.

Let’s face it- sharks are a tough creature to create a PR campaign for. Animals such as the panda bear or the polar bear are much easier to generate sympathy and compassion for. However, the Discovery Channel has successfully cultivated a popularity for sharks that did not exist, lets say, back when Jaws first came to theaters.

With nearly one-fifth of all sharks critically close to extinction, and over 70 percent of the world’s oceans shark free, humans have been destroying the world’s shark population through pollution, fear-fueled killing, habitat destruction and human induced global warming.

With over 30 million viewers and counting, Shark Week is creating quite a buzz. With so many people tuned into this week long special, different conservation groups across the world are receiving support from viewers everywhere. With the increase in support, these groups are able to further strengthen their efforts in saving sharks from extinction.

What is your opinion on Shark Week? Is it a great media campaign to raise awareness or just another television fad? Let us know!

Be sure to check out all that Shark Week has to offer by visiting their website!

1 thought on “Shark Week: The Ultimate PR Campaign for Sharks

  1. I am obsessed with shark week, i think theyve done an awesome job with their pr campaign. theyre totally raising awareness even though it is a tv fad, although i dont think it is one that will be going anywhere anytime soon

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