The Shrinking Newsroom

Any PR professional knows that Public Relations is based around timeliness, what is current, what is new and especially what is newsworthy. In a world with literally hundreds of media outlets right at our fingertips, an interesting concept to discuss is the reality of the shrinking newsroom and how to adapt PR practice accordingly.
PRsay (a PRSA affiliate) author Philip Tate discusses what he considers to be the benefits and the frustrations that accompany the shrinking newsroom. The following are some important points that Tate discussed about how media has evolved in his professional experience.
Tate said that although there have been cuts in newsroom staff, local newsrooms have endured in keeping “six out of every eight reporters.” The number of investigative reporters have actually increased in recent years, he said. Tate also emphasized how it is not that certain departments have necessarily been cut out completely, but that reporters need to be more well versed and write on a variety of subjects rather than simply just one specialty.
Lastly, Tate said the major implications for “the shrinking newsroom” for Public Relations professionals is to work harder to find the most timely information and distribute it as quickly as possible. The focus of the newsroom is still gathering newsworthy information in the ever-changing world of media.

To read the full article and learn more about Tate’s perspective on the “shrinking newsroom” click here.

This guest blog was written by staff member Michele Reilley.

1 thought on “The Shrinking Newsroom

  1. Michelle,

    Thanks for commenting on my post to PRSAY. The Shrinking Newsroom is an issue all PR professionals must overcome in their daily work.

    Philip Tate

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