14 Days Into My First "Real" Job

Here I am almost done with my third full week of my “real” job and time is flying by. After the whirlwind of my last semester at Temple, graduation and post-graduation travel, I thought starting my full-time job would allow me to feel like my life was slowing down. Oh, I was so wrong.

My first few weeks have been busy and exciting, and here are some things I’ve learned so far:

1. Organization and time management is more important than ever. Sometimes I don’t have a deadline for a project, but that doesn’t mean that I can surf the web all day! I look at the tasks I have to do and get them done as efficiently as possible. Being given the responsibility to look at what I have to do and decide what needs to be done first is exciting.

2. When people want to help you, let them! Your first job is no time to be “too proud” to ask for help. It’s great to take initiative and figure things out for yourself, but if you’re confused or need information ask for it. I find that asking questions helps me to better understand the organization I’m working for (The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce) and complete projects better because I have solid background information.

3. Stay involved in things outside of your job. The first few weeks of work I was just trying to get in on time, get settled in my new environment and do the best I could at my job. Now that I’m feeling more comfortable I want to start looking for activities to get involved in. I was an active member of student organizations while I was at Temple and I miss that greatly. I suggest getting involved in a professional organization, an alumni association, a community group or a group devoted to a passion you have. Remember, your job isn’t your whole life! Being well rounded is important in college and it’s important post-graduation.

In a few weeks I’m sure I’ll have more things to share about what I’m learning at my “real job.” Until then, I’d love to hear any tips you have for being successful at a new job! Also, make sure to check back next Thursday for another PRowl Alumni Post!

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