Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand!

I came across one of my take-home goodies from Drexel’s BizarrePR event back in April and decided to look through the guest speaker information once again. Everyone at the social had a chance to meet with Synergy Events, an agency that works with PR firms and companies in order to help boost their publicity through the use of an event.

One of the great events they created and put together happened in January of 2007. Synergy Events, along with M&M®, created an event to help promote their “Inner M” campaign to encourage Americans to find the M&M within them. The event: revealing Lady Liberty’s 53-foot Inner M. The statue floated down the Hudson River, creating a lot of publicity for the famed candy. Synergy Events reported the campaign generated over 100 million media impressions for M&M®.

To see some of the publicity the event got, watch this video on Youtube!

To learn more about Synergy Events, visit their website here.

I know I’ve created my own personal “Inner M” a few times since they began the campaign.

Has anyone else? Create yours here!

1 thought on “Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand!

  1. Thanks Elizabeth. The M&M'S Statue fo Liberty event was a fun one. We just helped execute another one for the launch of M&M'S(R) Pretzels this week. Here is an article from the WSJ on the event.

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