What I’ve Learned About Pitching

Over the past few years at PRowl Public Relations I’ve had the great opportunity of pitching many different publications with many different stories. It hasn’t always been easy, it hasn’t always worked, but I’ve learned so much. Since graduation is Thursday, I thought I’d share my tips for pitching before I’m an alum!

1. Give them something they need but don’t have. When you pitch it’s important to sell the journalist/blogger/etc. on why they need to know about what you’re pitching, so be passionate about it! If you’re not excited about it why should they be?

2. Don’t give them everything at once. If you give the person you’re pitching all of the information at once, what will you follow up with? Try to save an interesting piece of information for when you do follow up calls to get their attention again.

3. Be available for whatever they need. It could be something simple like sending the press release again or something more complex like an interview with the client or photos. Whatever they need, get it to them ASAP!

4. Be respectful. It’s a hard time for communications practitioners everywhere. Being respectful and kind goes a long way, even if a situation is frustrating.

Do you have tips that you’d love to share? Let us know!

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