Twitter’s Blackbird Pie

For those of you scratching your head… I’ll try and explain. Twitter Media seems to have been toying with a new prototype, they’re calling “Blackbird Pie,” which allows you to create an embeddable tweet, from the URL of a tweeted message, just by clicking the “Bake it” button. This is an especially helpful tool, particularly for us PR folks, because we don’t have to use screen shots or scans to clip the mentions. Instead we can potentially embed the tweets right to a website or blog. Twitter Media is still experimenting with the tool, updating users about the Blackbird Pie and the fresh-baked tweets here. In my opinion, I definitely think this is a useful tool, one that will come in handy in the media and public relations fields.

Try using Blackbird Pie here! What do you think about this new Twitter tool?

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