Become a Fan of PRowl Public Relations on Facebook!

As a student-run PR firm we spend all of our free time promoting our awesome clients the Rebecca Davis Dance Company and Casa Papel. Luckily, our Director of PR Emily Woodward is like Superwoman when it comes to time management and heads up our own publicity efforts in addition to her work for one of our accounts. In PR we’re used to being behind-the-scenes, making it difficult to use our talents for the promotion of our own firm.

A few weeks ago, Emily revamped our PRowl Public Relations Facebook profile to keep us up-to-date with one of the biggest new social media trends. Facebook now has something like 400 million active users who spend an average of 500 billion minutes on Facebook each month. After successfully creating, launching and maintaining Facebook pages for many of our clients, we’ve decided to harness the power of social media for ourselves and spread the word about PRowl Public Relations.

So, without further adieu, I present PRowl Public Relations Facebook page. Please take a look and ‘like’ us if you believe in our mission to provide clients with comprehensive PR services and solutions, offer PRSSA members with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and gain experience beyond the classroom and to build credibility while forming lasting student-client

Also, follow us on Twitter @ProwlPR.

Has your organization begun to utilize a Facebook page to connect with your target audience? How do you feel about this new phenomenon becoming such a big part of PR?

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