Is your resume ready?

With graduation around the corner it is time to dust off your resume and start making some adjustments. After looking at several peers’ resumes, analyzing my own and researching resume tips I think mine is finally ready! This leaves me ready to start the hardest part, the job search! Here are a few tips I found on Temple’s website:

  • Limit your resume to 1 page
  • Do NOT list your GPA
  • Do NOT include an objective
  • Include your graduation date and make sure they realize you are still in school (depending on how early you begin applying)
  • Tailor your resume for the job to which you are applying (this means it’s going to be constantly changing)
  • Use a simple typeface and a bold typeface to highlight sections
  • Proofread every time you edit and send it

Plenty of other websites are out there that help you create the perfect resume for any job. Another way to really add to your resume is to have it printed on specialty paper. This idea came about when speaking with PRowl Public Relations client Cecilia Torres, owner of Northern Liberties specialty paper and design house, Casa Papel. Torres said that it is common for upcoming and recent grads come to the store to either have their resume printed by the design house or purchase paper to do it at home with their own printer. While today most resumes are sent online, it’s always nice to have one to hand over at an interview.

Hopefully these few tips help get you ready to start the job hunt!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member, Tristin Fabro.

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