Twitter on TV!

It feels so good to be on spring break! I am currently visiting my family, and it I’m really enjoying being home. With as busy as I am during school, it is awesome to have time for even simple things like watching TV.

While watching TV with my parents Saturday night, I saw a commercial for CBS’s show, “The Good Wife.” During the commercial, which was a preview for an upcoming episode, one of the characters asked another dramatically, “are you tweeting about me?”

I thought this ad was a really good example of how pervasive social media has become in our everyday lives. I thought it was especially interesting that the ad referenced Twitter, as this speaks to the amount of growth the social networking site has experienced of late. Even one year ago, many people had never even heard of Twitter, let alone it being mentioned in mainstream pop culture.

What other examples have you seen of the growing pervasiveness of social media? What are some new areas that social media has popped up in your life?

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