To Cross-Post or Not?

Yesterday at our PRowl general staff meeting we were discussing cross-posting between Twitter and Facebook for one of our clients. Coincidentally, today on Ragan’s Daily Headlines an article appeared in my inbox reading “Should You Cross-Post Updates to Facebook and Twitter?”

The main question the article asks is: Do you target different audiences with each social media platform? If the answer is “yes,” cross-posting probably isn’t the best idea since you may be trying to communicate different messages to each audience. Further, our style of writing is adapted for each platform we use, and one might not be conducive for the other. For example, on Twitter you tend to write in abbreviations because let’s face it – you only have 140 characters to get the message across. If the message is cross-posted to Facebook, readers may be confused and not understand why you’re writing in practically a different language.

If you are targeting the same audience with all of your social media tools, then your choice is a little easier. Ultimately though, “it’s up to the individual whether to cross-post. With social media being such a new conduit, there’s no proven right or wrong way to do things—yet” (Adler).

PRowl has delayed utilizing cross-posting so far, but it is something that we have discussed for the future, based on our client needs.

What do you think? Do you think NOT cross-posting is a missed opportunity to further engage “friends” and “fans,” or do you think Facebook should be left to Facebook and Twitter to Twitter? Let us know!

And to all you Temple folks – Happy Spring Break!

One thought on “To Cross-Post or Not?

  1. I think that most missed out the fact that they might be or not targeting different market in their social networks. This post is a good realization for everyone. Thank you for sharing this post.

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