The Worst Winter Olympic PR Scandals

With everyone around the world watching and tuning in to the Olympics, it isn’t unusual for controversy to occur in some way. These public relation nightmares call for some serious damage control and crisis communication management. Click here for the “10 Worst Winter Olympics PR Disaster of All Time.”

Here is what made the list:

-1994: Tonya Hardin’s figure skating sabotage
-2002: Salt Lake City officials bribe International Olympics Committee members to win bid
-2006: Skier Bode Miller skis while drunk
-1988: Ticket scams in Calgary
-1968: German women’s luge competitors cheat with heat
-1976: Denver originally won the bid… but taxpayers refused, prompting them to reject the bid
-1998: Marijuana is not on the list of banned substances
-1994: UK’s figure skaters lose over controversial “lift”
-2002: Corrupt judge docks points from Canadians’ flawless performance
-2010: Vancouver’s deadly luge track; and NBC refusing the broadcast the events live

Do you remember these scandals and disasters? What would you have done as a PR pro?

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