Vancouver 2010

I can’t believe this is PRowl Public Relations’ first Olympic blog! If you’ve been keeping up with the blog the past few years, you know that we went crazy for the Bejing Olympics. The 2008 Olympics were an exciting time, and I had a great time writing about them, watching them, and loving every minute of them. The 2010 Vancouver Olympics are proving to be just as exciting though, and filled with controversy as always. Here are some highlights since the start of the games:

  • Johnny Weir vs. Peta in regards to his fur on a costume. Find a post from PETA’s blog about the subject here.
  • Lindsay Vonn vs. her injuries. That girl is tough, and already has a gold medal for Team USA. Read about her here. There was also this controversy involving Lindsay in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Editing.
  • Sean White’s crazy tricks that lead him to gold in the Men’s Halfpipe event. His teammate, Scott Lago, took bronze! Read about Sean here and Scott here.
  • Body Miller’s amazing come back from his many disappointments in Torino, Italy in 2006. Read about him here.

These are only some highlights and controversies, and the games go on until February 28! What are your favorite moments? What do you think about the controversies? Let us know!

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