‘Snowpocalypse’ Continues in Philadelphia

The second blizzard this week has hit Philadelphia today causing dangerous white out conditions for the city and the surrounding tri-state area. This winter has produced an unusually high amount of snow fall. Philadelphia’s highest snow fall total on record was for the 1995-96 winter season when 65.5 inches fell. As of now the city has been pummeled with 65.1 inches this season, so it looks like we’ll break the all time record by the end of the day today. The series of storms this week has been dubbed the ‘Snowpocalypse’ due to the two intense blizzards hitting the area within four days of each other.

Most Philadelphia businesses, schools and courts have closed for the day with only public transportation running on a delayed schedule. For a complete list of Philadelphia cancellations click here. For the first time since the blizzard of 1996 Governer Rendell has officially closed I-76, I-676 and I-476. As the day goes on more businesses close and conditions are getting a lot worse.
Be careful in the ‘Snowpocalypse’ and stay warm! Please tune in to your local news for weather updates and don’t dare travel anywhere today. Good luck!

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