Interested in Using Social Media for your Business?

An article posted online this week by Inc. Magazine writer April Joyner shares 30 tips for using social media in your business. Social media has been a hot topic on our blog recently. We’ve talked about reasons why businesses should look into social media as an avenue for reaching their target audience, but the Inc. Magazine article further explores the question of ‘how?’

Tip #1, Offer a Peek Behind the Scenes, urges companies to allow a preview of products and services via the web to entice new business. Joyner gives proof of her #1 tip through the local example of the use of Flickr by John Doyle, owner of the Philadelphia based chocolate company John and Kira’s who posts photos of new products to garner online feedback.

Joyner’s #7 tip, Interact with Visitors – Really, suggests that it is not OK to post stagnant web content via Facebook or a blog. Interacting with visitors, fans, followers and subscribers is the best way facilitate personal relationships between your company and the members of your target audience.

Finally, my personal favorite tip is #12, See What People are Saying About You. A great example of this is Domino’s latest campaign where, in their commercials, they recognize the complaints of dissatisfied customers and show the ways that they are trying to improve. This is a refreshing take on company to consumer communication that wholeheartedly takes the consumer’s opinions into account. Why operate a company with disregard to your consumer’s wants and needs? Find out what they’re saying and refine your business accordingly to stay strong in your market.

Check out the Inc. Magazine article here for the full list of 30 tips and let us know which was your favorite!

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