Integrating Social Media in a Traditional Media Format

I cannot overstate the increasing importance of social media, both in our daily lives and in the business world. Social media has enabled businesses to reach out and be accountable to their consumers like never before.

Despite the obvious importance of a medium that allows companies to reach their publics on a more personal level, actually using social media effectively is another story; some businesses have been more successful at achieving this feat than others.

One company I would like to commend is the TV network HGTV. This past summer, the network engaged in a campaign to engage with its audience in online formats like Twitter and Facebook. I found this particularly interesting because here is a TV station, a traditional media format, adapting to an increasingly digital world by tapping into the world of social media.

Anyway, the company launched an ad campaign this past summer informing consumers of their online presence and encouraging consumers to “follow,” “friend,” and participate in dialogue with them online.

More recently, I have noticed commercials on HGTV that further encourage viewers to engage with the station online. These new commercials spotlight some users’ online comments and also answer questions posed to the network on Twitter.

For example, in one TV ad, the network showcases one user’s tweet that asked the height of one of the channel’s show hosts. In the commercial, the network says “Candace’s response is…” This ad is great because it reminds viewers to engage with the company online while also proving to the viewers that the company really does monitor and value its online interactions.

What examples have you observed of companies effectively integrating social media into their day-to-day operations?

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