Client Update: Support Center for Child Advocates

Our new, year-long client contracts have allowed my account team the opportunity to take on a special winter PR project for the Support Center for Child Advocates, a local nonprofit that provides legal and social service advocacy for abused and neglected children in the Philadelphia area. In a previous blog, I mentioned Child Advocates’ annual Holiday Toy Drive is quickly approaching on Saturday, December 19. The toy drive has been the corner stone of our campaign for Child Advocates which includes three things: three press releases geared toward legal, business and general Philadelphia media, a promotional YouTube video and a social media campaign. Did I mention that we’re only contracted for six weeks? Needless to say, we’ve been busy!

So far, we’ve finished the press releases and videos which will be sent out to the media on Monday morning. We’ve also been regularly updating Child Advocates Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as uploading sneak peaks of the promotional video onto their YouTube page. All of the media relations for this campaign will be complete after next week and then we will focus our work on a final push to create a buzz about the toy drive through our social media campaign.

Our account for this project consists of:
Melissa Marsili, Assistant Firm Director
Me, Brianna Fisher, Account Executive
Niki Ianni, Assistant Account Executive
Melissa Colelli, Staff Member
Josie Fox, Staff Member
Amanda Kaster, Staff Member

Are you interested in the work of the Support Center for Child Advocates? Follow them on Twitter @advo_kid or visit their Facebook fan page here , and check back for a link to our Child Advocates promotional toy drive video!

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