Philebrity’s "Readers Cameraphone"

I love reading Philebrity. I think the writers are the right mix of funny, sarcastic and blunt, and I love reading their take on everything Philadelphia. I especially like the “Readers Cameraphone” posts because anyone can send in a picture off of a cameraphone to Philebrity and hope their picture gets featured on the blog. Many times readers send in pictures of things around the city that make them mad. This post is a great example of that.

The picture that was sent in is of a SEPTA booth with a worker inside next to a half complete jigsaw puzzle on a table. This is the description the reader sent Philebrity that was posted on the blog above the picture:

“I did a double take when I saw this scene at the Market-Frankford EL stop at 8th and Market this morning. The handwritten sign that is cut off on the right of the photo says “window closed.” It appears that closing down that window has given this SEPTA employee plenty of time to work on the giant jigsaw puzzle (pictured)… amazing. “Jigsaw puzzle time” must be one of the new contract stipulations.” Philebrity

I know that in many of my classes we have talked about a PR person’s responsibility to respond to unfavorable comments made about their client on social media. Do you think that a SEPTA representative should respond to this post on Philebrity? Why or why not?

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