Follow-Up: Palin on Oprah

I wanted to follow up on the interview I mentioned previously about former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The show actually produced Oprah’s best ratings since about two years ago. According to the show had a household rating of 8.7 and 13 share. The numbers haven’t been that high since 2007 when the Osmond family made and appearance. Palin talked about her experiences on the campaign trail, dealing with the media, her interviews with Katie Couric, the father of her daughter’s child Levi Johnson, as well as her new book, “Going Rouge: An American Life.”

So did you watch the interview? What did you think?

Also, did anyone watch the Barbara Walters interview with Sarah Palin? I didn’t but I’d be interested to see the differences in material discussed as well as the ratings too.

As a public relations student, the idea of getting a client on the Oprah Winfrey Show or being interviewed by Barbara Walters is a HUGE deal. Of course, Palin’s appearances were more important than just promoting her book, getting placement for your client with these media moguls is a PR person’s dream come true.

1 thought on “Follow-Up: Palin on Oprah

  1. Walters and Oprah give good interviews. So good that even if Palin messed it up, they'd be able to pick it up.
    Isn't that why people watched the show? 😀

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