Sarah Palin goes on Oprah

For you Oprah followers out there you probably already know that Sarah Palin will be appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show soon. The episode will air on Monday, November 16th and sizzle reels have already been previewing the highly anticipated show. Last night Oprah tweeted breaking news after finishing the taping of the former Alaskan governor’s interview, sending Tweeters to a YouTube video. (Check it out!)

It is no secret Oprah was an avid Obama supporter during the 2008 presidential campaign, while she remains a supporter of the now president. Both Palin and Winfrey have encountered criticism alike for doing the interview together. So what do you think, will you tune in to watch the interview?

*Interesting Fact: Michelle Obama was the first person to appear on the cover of O Magazine alongside Oprah Winfrey for the April 2009 issue.

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