"Wow ‘Em in a Week"

It’s not only important to take the necessary steps to get a job (for advice, read Melissa Marsili’s post “So You’re Graduating in May. What Now?“), but to take the steps once you’ve gotten the job to be successful. In an article by WetFeet, the editors outline a 6-day plan so you can “Wow ’em in a week.” Here is a summary of each day:

Sunday (or, night before your first day):

  • Pick out your outfit (during your interview you should either take note of what other people are wearing in the office, or just ask).
  • Make a list by asking yourself a few questions: 1.) What are the top 3 things I hope to learn or accomplish? 2.) What is my role at the company? 3.) What are my most important projects?


  • Meet with your manager to make sure your notes from the night before match his/her expectations. What are some short term vs. long term projects you need to be working on? What are the deadlines for these projects? Are there any administrative documents to read before beginning your personal projects? This meeting is critical to making sure you’re on the same page as your boss.


  • Get organized. Create a system to keep track of tasks, projects, meetings, etc. Your company may use Microsoft’s Outlook, which is a great way to manage e-mail and your calendar all in one place. Also, to-do lists might help you stay on track (I live and breathe by to-do lists, personally).


  • Pick out go-getters in the company that you can look up to as mentors. Schedule lunches with these coworkers so you can learn the ropes of the company. The most important part of each meeting is to get to know the person and build a lasting relationship built on trust and respect. By showing an interest in fellow employees, you are continually building your network.


  • By now, make sure you have a general understanding of office procedures and administrative tasks. Consult your company’s training manuals and check with coworkers.


  • Ask your manager if you can have a meeting to discuss your progress over your first week . By maintaining an open line of communication, you’re showing your commitment to doing the best job you can. Make sure you get plenty of feedback so you can show how you have improved at your next evaluation meeting.

To read the full article, click here.

1 thought on “"Wow ‘Em in a Week"

  1. Hmm… those are very helpful tips! Really fitted for graduating students who still have very little idea about the corporate world. Thanks for sharing them! 😀

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