Matching a Name to a Face

It has often been said that public relations is all about who you know. For this reason, the importance of networking cannot be overstated in our industry.

After the subject was broached at a professor panel recently hosted by Temple PRSSA, I have decided to get personal business cards. Although this idea may sound strange at first because I am only a student and not a business professional, it actually makes perfect logical sense.

In fact, I have come to see that business cards can be an important tool for future success. After all, I’ve heard many times that, especially in the case of one’s first job, jobs are often located through connections in one’s business network. With this in mind and as a college junior, now is the time for me to make tangible connections with fellow public relations professionals and those involved in the industries in which I may one day want to work.

Simply meeting people is fine and good, but without a tool like a business card, how are the people you meet ever supposed to remember your name and contact information for further contact or partnership? It is difficult to build an effective network without a means for sustaining contact with new-found acquaintances.

Although it is very important to make a strong and lasting first impression while networking, in facilitating future contact, business cards are important vehicles by which professional relationships can be solidified.

Here is a link to one site where students can order affordable and personalized business cards. Check it out!

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