Advice from Bruce Bobbins!

On Friday, my class and I had the chance to meet with Bruce Bobbins, executive vice president at Dan Klores Communications, in his New York City office. I had previously heard Bruce speak at a Careers 101 event at Temple University last year, but this time he offered greater insight to his experience and advice on the public relations field. After treating the class to pizza, Bruce shed light on his background, past projects, while shared some valuable tips and advice.

Here are the highlights:

The two most important things you must take away from your educational experience:
1. Be the best writer you can be.
2. Take as many internships as you possibly can.

Don’t exaggerate and be honest on your resume. Don’t list “organized red carpet event,” you’re interviewer knows you didn’t “organize” the entire event, instead say exactly what you did, such as “helped set up for the event” or “worked behind the scenes,” as interns do.

When pitching a story to a reporter, don’t oversell your angle or idea. Never say you have the “best story;” don’t over promise or spin a story to make it sound better because chances are you’ll get caught.

Send a thank you note or e-mail to the reporter/producer after they’ve covered a story you’ve pitched. Also, let them know they can always reach out to you if they need help with anything in the future.

The job market is changing, it was once normal for you first job to be your last job, but nowadays it’s alright to have three or four jobs by the age of 30.

Never be afraid to ask questions, there is never a stupid one! Try to learn from your mistakes by correcting them. Always apologize if you’ve done something wrong and don’t blame it on someone else.

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