PR and the Red Carpet

One of the most important nights in Philadelphia Theater just occurred this past Monday. The Barrymore Awards for Excellence in Theater went off without a hitch this year, honoring over 25 artists who perform and work in the Philadelphia area.

Every year, over 100 productions are produced by theaters all over the region and the Barrymore Awards is the night of all nights. Just like the Tony Awards in New York, The Barrymore Awards includes nothing less than a red carpet, press coverage and pure glamor. As an intern at Fleischman Gerber & Associates (FGA), I was given the opportunity to attend the 15th annual awards ceremony. One of FGA’s many clients includes the Theater Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, who runs and sponsors the event. Although I was not able to actually sit and watch the ceremony (I was busy setting up interviews and making sure camera crews were arriving at the right place!), I gained much experience and knowledge about handling the press during an event such as this. I was also given the opportunity to pitch the media before and after.

Some of the PR for this event included pitching to nominees’ hometown media and making sure the most key press was present at the actual event. They were given on complimentary ticket and the opportunity to interview winners directly after they were announced.

In the end, the press coverage was beyond what we had expected! ABC, NBC and FOX all aired about 2-3 minutes of coverage and the Inquirer, Philly Mag, and other print publications all had a lot to say about the event.

Overall it was a great night with successful PR execution. I learned a lot, and I even got to meet Tony Danza, who was presenting an award at the ceremony!

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member, Melissa Colelli.

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