More Magazines Become Extinct

In the communication world, the name Condé Nast rings a bell with most people. It’s a company with many powerhouse publications, including Vogue, Allure and GQ. However, four of their magazines are being cut this week, proving that no one is safe from the uncertain future of print publications. The four publications that are being cut are: Modern Bride, Elegant Bride, Gourmet and Cookie.

In a memo sent out to Condé Nast staff members, the company said it will focus resources on other magazines, such as Brides and Bon Appetit, and invest in others areas as well. It also thanked the staff of all four closing magazines for their hard work over the years.

As communcations professionals, how do you feel about the cuts being made at Condé Nast?

*Information taken from “Bloodbath at Condé Nast: Following Review By Consulting Company, Publisher Announces Plans to Shutter Gourmet Mag and 3 Other Titles” Daily Dog, October 6, 2009.

2 thoughts on “More Magazines Become Extinct

  1. Now where i put the recipes…it just made me sad…

  2. One of the best cookie magazine…

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