Digital Business Cards: The New Networking Tool

Recently I found an interesting article on about the rise of digital business cards. Entitled, “Eight digital alternatives to paper business cards,” the author talks about the newest tech trend in networking. She describes what digital business cards are and how to distribute them, but emphasizes that paper business cards are still the norm.

Here are some tips for different social media users:

  • Recent graduates should use the website DubMeNow. It allows you to showcase your tech skills, but again you should carry traditional business cards when attending career fairs, etc. The e-business card can be sent through text or email from DubMeNow and saves in the recipient’s address book. It also saves the person’s information for your future use.
  • Frequent Twitter users can use TwtBizCard to link your digital business card in your profile. Also, you can tweet using the hash tag #twtbizcard to allow followers to see your contact information.
  • If you have multiple social networking profiles, Retaggr is available to create an online business card that combines all of these online personalities. Along with receiving your contact information, users can see your photos on Flickr.

To see the rest of the sites offering digital alternatives to paper business cards visit

In such a competitive market, it is important to network with the top tools. The digital business card will help show your ability to use technology and new media, giving you an edge over the competition.

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member, Laura Macenka. Follow her on Twitter @LauraMacenka.

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