Promoting an Organization on Campus

It is important for a student organization to promote itself on campus. As the Public Relations Committee Chair of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, this is my job for the semester. There are many possibilities to make an organization well known on campus.

One public relations tactic that is often utilized by student organizations is giving something away for free either associated with the name of your student organization or with the name of the organization printed on it. Phi Sigma Pi recently gave away free coffee in order to get the name of our organization out on campus and to attract potential members. Additionally, clothing with the name of the organization printed on it is a simple way to get an organization recognized. Even printing the website of the student organization on a pencil and handing them out for free to students is a method of getting the student organization well known on campus, and will also direct traffic to the website.

Organizing, hosting and sponsoring events on campus are other ways of promoting a student organization on a college campus. Creating an annual event that will attract a large number of students is a great way to for people to become familiar with a student organization. If the event reoccurs year after year, it has the potential to become more successful, to grow in size and to become more popular on campus. Even if the organization is not responsible for organizing an event, sponsoring or hosting an event will promote the group.

An obvious, but effective, public relations tactic to employ is placing fliers around campus. The fliers could advertise a specific event associated with the student organization or provide general information about the organization. Placing the fliers in creative places may be more effective in grabbing the attention of students, but placing fliers in noticeable locations is still useful.

These are a few ideas that will promote a student organization on campus. What are other creative ways to promote student organizations?

1 thought on “Promoting an Organization on Campus

  1. These are some great ideas, do you have anymore and any suggestions on where to find some?

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