Dr. Seuss vs. Publicists

On Monday morning I sat in on a staff meeting, which consisted of eight account executives and one CEO. They started off by discussing interesting news and events that occurred over the weekend and then began discussing what was currently on their client’s agendas. As they went over plans to pitch the press and decided upon promotional events to lure customers in, they also stressed the need to tell their company’s story to their audiences. They discussed characters that would help their publics relate and discussed plot lines that would create an image for the brand.

Until then I never thought of publicists as storytellers. As students studying public relations we are constantly told how important our writing skills are, but we have to remember that its just as important to be able to come up with a story to write about. Robbie Vorhaus, a former CBS newsman and now owner of Robbie Vorhaus and Company, discussed the correlation between Public Relations and storytelling in an interview on the website, All About Public Relations with Steven Van Hook. He discusses the similarities and importance of storytelling in the public relations field.

He explains that storytelling, which essentially includes public relations, is focusing on one person, your client, and taking the chosen audience on that client’s – or as he calls it that hero’s – journeys. All stories have a theme; in our case it would be that our client is awesome! He then continues to explain, “if you tell the story with the same structure and elements of all great stories, your message will be heard and acted upon. And, in business, whoever tells the best story wins.”

So as we continue working with our clients at PRowl Public Relations and as we graduate and enter the work field, keep in mind all the stories you heard from over the years and remember these inspirational words from DR. Seuss himself, “And will you succeed? Yes, Indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed.”

This guest blog was written by PRowl Public Relations staff member Josie Fox.

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