What Would You Do?

By now, I’m sure that everyone has seen the footage of Kanye West from the VMAs on Sunday night. As soon as he got on stage and said those ridiculous things the social media world went crazy. Bloggers, Facebook users and Twitter users instantly posted about his actions. Since Sunday night he has made three apologies, the latest one last night on Jay Leno’s new TV show.

Even though he has apologized, many people aren’t buying it. I’ve read articles that say it’s bad PR for him to make apologies that aren’t sincere; I’ve read that at least he publicly recognized that what he did was wrong. Since this isn’t the first time West has done something obnoxious in public, I’m having a hard time deciding for myself if I think he’s being sincere.

If you were West’s publicist, what would you do? Let us know!

If you still haven’t seen the video of his VMA outburst, you can check it out here!

3 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. Kanyee's PR machine is in high gear mitigating damage from his latest embarrassment; the landslide of negative comments probably had something to do with it. The Leno question about his mother was TV drama at its highest– odd that he went and performend (albeit with a heavy demeanor) in the very next moment.

    In our house opinions ran 50:50 with the Mrs. swallowing the humble mumbling hook, line, and sinker… while I admit to skepticism (partly due to suspicions of a continuing pattern of alcohol abuse in Mr. West's recent past).

    Question: Do you think it is possible that the whole response was scripted to minimize damage or do you think it was sincere?

    I suspect the answer will follow strict demographics, but am interested in what you think!

  2. If I was representing him for one thing I think definitely arrange for him to be seen supporting Taylor in a gig. He has done the tearful thing so now I would want him to be seen mocking himself – sketch shows laughing at what he did. Also heartless as this is going to sound if he was my client I would also capitalise on the fact that his recently deceased mother would be ashamed (as I believe they have done at Jay Leno) and perhaps do an exclusive interview – my shame how drink etc made me into a bully with proceeds dedicated to up and coming artists.

  3. A great gig for Saturday Night Live (after an appropriate period of mourning, of course)… Kanyee trying to grab the mic and Taylor kicking him right off the stage like a dog protecting a bone.

    The real offense was to Ms. Swift; she is the one to whom he owes a personal apology and the only one with the power to accept it. In my mind this would be the only apology that matters. Everything else is just window dressing.

    Alcohol rehab might show some sincerity; without that Kanyee's brand is at high risk of being tarnished debasing his value as a star.

    Beyonce was a class act about the whole thing.

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