PRSSA Kicks Off a New Semester

Today was our first PRSSA meeting of the fall 2009 semester. By the time I got to the meeting the room was packed with new faces, and it wasn’t my eyes deceiving me. Jessica Lawlor’s Twitter status confirmed the number later that afternoon: @jesslaw 80 people came to the first @templeprssa meeting!!! Awesome turnout.

While I was listening to the new executive board introduce themselves, I was reminded of a class I have this semester called Organizational Change. This year has been full of change for PRowl and PRSSA. Both organizations have leaders in different positions than last year, and some former PRowl board members have taken on new roles on PRSSA’s executive board.

Although it was a strange feeling seeing everyone today in their new positions, it was also really exciting. I was happy to give my support to the new leaders of PRSSA, just like they have supported our board of directors at PRowl. By looking around at the room full of new and old PRSSA and PRowl members, I know that both organizations are going to have a successful year!

Did you miss today’s PRSSA meeting? Make sure to be there next Tuesday from 3:30-4:15 in the Howard Gittis Student Center room 217B!

Have any of our readers kicked off their student organization meetings yet? Can any of our readers give us advice for our new school year?

1 thought on “PRSSA Kicks Off a New Semester

  1. I love this post 🙂

    Here's to a great year for PRSSA and PRowl!

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