Thanks, American Eagle!

While shopping at King of Prussia Mall with my friend this past weekend, we decided to stop in American Eagle Outfitters. As we entered the store we were handed peel-off cards that offered the chance to win prizes.

I opened my card and was shocked to win a $75 shopping spree! I couldn’t believe it!

I feel that this promotion was very smart on behalf of American Eagle. My friend and I had entered the store on a whim, and the excitement generated by the peel-off cards led us to spend a lot more time – and money!- in the store than we had ever planned. I don’t shop at American Eagle too often, but because I won this shopping spree I ended up looking into their products more than I would have had I not won; this promotion definitely made me step back and take a second look at a store I usually don’t pay much attention to.

After I won the shopping spree, the store proceeded to offer me excellent customer service. The manager who issued me the $75 gift card was extremely friendly and all of the store’s employees were eager to help me spend my new-found fortune however possible.

As a result of the promotion I won and the excellent customer service I received in the store, I feel a sense of loyalty to the store and will definitely shop at American Eagle more in the future. I have also been telling all of my friends and family about my great experience with the company, and this word-of-mouth advertising could also benefit the store.

The manager who assisted me had told me that I was the only customer in their store to win more than 10% off in their peel-off card. If you ask me, the company got a lot of mileage out of offering me a $75 shopping spree; this promotion did a lot to boost the company’s image in my mind and those of my family and friends.

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