"Controlled Circulation" Publications!?

I was just doing some reading for my Introduction to Public Relations class. In our textbook, the author explains that there are some 300 “‘controlled circulation'” magazines disseminated in the United States today. Apparently, these magazines choose their own readers based on certain criteria.

One example the textbook gave is a magazine that is so exclusive one must “hold a Centurion card offered by American Express, by invitation only to those who spend at least $200,000 a year on their credit card.” **

I never knew that these exclusive, invitation-only publications even existed! Have you heard about these publications before? Have you ever worked with or pitched one? How does one go about pitching such a publication, or even find out about its existence in order to pitch it? Are these publications usually high-end or are some geared towards other demographics?

**Citation: Seitel, Fraser. The Practice of Public Relations. 10. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson, 2007. Print. Page 188.

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