Texting as Dangerous as Drinking?

Okay, so this post is not PR-related, but I feel it is my duty to make sure the readers know the danger of texting while driving! Are you guilty of this? I know it’s hard to imagine not responding, but don’t! Wait until you get off the road. The Transport Research Laboratory in the U.K. found that texting while driving is even more dangerous than drinking while driving!

According to the article, “…when subjects were text messaging and driving at the same time, reaction speed was reduced by 35 percent… Those that were driving and drinking within the legal limit only suffered a 12 percent loss of reaction speed, and those that were driving under the influence of marijuana had their reaction speed reduced by 21 percent, 14 percent lower than while driving and texting. Another startling statistic: According to the study, those that were texting and driving reduced their steering ability by 91 percent.”

Not to mention, members of the Philadelphia City Council voted unanimously to ban using handheld cell phones while driving, and yes- that includes texting. Mayor Michael Nutter also signed the bill, making texting (and talking) while driving illegal effective starting November 1, 2009.

So don’t forget, put your phone down!

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